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Below is a list of career WebSites on the internet. Career sites offer more than savings on stamps and envelopes; they provide an opportunity to search for jobs based on skills not just catagories. The better sites also let you respond directly to employers via the Web or store your resumes online to be searched by human-resource specialist looking for canidates

Below is a list of career sites that includes information about resume storge and comments of additional features. The more resumes you submit the better your chance of getting responces.

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Resume Storage

Careerjet, the search engine for jobs

5/5 Stars Rating

Yes Careerjet, the search engine for jobs Includes local searches


No Search through all jobs posted on all career sites in the United States and International
CareerMosaic (Builder)
Yes Employer Profiles, Job Fair, College Connections
JobSpin.com Yes Very Good Job search, Free resume review
Interstate Personnel Services
Yes Staffing Agency, career information.
No Good for first-time job seekers, Temporary Staffing, Temp-to-Hire, Direct Hire.
Yes High-quality recruitment tools. Hiring companies can post jobs and search resumes for free.
No Listings from major metropolitan newspapers.
Yes Employer information articles.
Yes Users can forward resumes to employers.
Yes "Grand Central Station" of career hubs.
Monster Board
Yes Great career center site.
Yes Create a Free Desktop for Your Job Hunt.
Vitural Job Fair
Yes High-Tech positions.
Career Shop
Yes How to write an electronic resume.
Best Jobs in the USA Today
Yes Users can forward resumes to employer listings from USA Today.
Yes Searches Usenet Newsgroups job posting.
Online Career Center
Yes Non-profit association.
Job Bank USA
No Employer ads.
Heart Career Connections
Yes Online conferences.
Career Web
Yes Includes Natl.Business Employment Weekly articles.
Help Wanted
Yes Includes a searchable index.
Online Career Fair
Yes Job Postings.

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